Welcome to Christine Mulvihill's Personal Website

Christine Mulvihill has been studying and working with holistic therapies since 1999. She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, IET Master, Psychic Medium, and Teacher.


Having been trained by some of the world’s best Teachers Healers and Mediums she is constantly progressing professionally and developing her own Spiritual gifts.


Christine is highly qualified in all the fields of mental, emotional and physical therapies to empower you to be your best and most wonderful self.


Having studied all the essential books, she states her most valuable life experiences and lessons come from being a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother student and Teacher.


Running a busy private practice within her home town of Cork, Ireland. Christine facilitates individual sessions, groups, classes, and retreats, now travelling with these all over the world.


As a child Christine started to have prophetic visions at 10 years old, starting with a premonition of the death of her own Father. These continued sporadically in various forms throughout her teens and into her 20s when she started to raise her own family. 


The knowledge of her true power as a natural Psychic Medium remained dormant until she began the training and development of her holistic skills in her 30s.  At this time she began to open up to these in a gentle and life enhancing way and has now been using them successfully to assist others for almost 30 years. Encouraging others to find and develop their own Soul gifts. As Christine encourages continual progression she herself has most recently, in 2015, finished training under world renowned tutor and Medium Mavis Patilla of England. Christine has gained a worthy reputation as a brilliant crystal clear channel between the two worlds. Offering you beautiful loving communications from your loved ones in Spirit.


Using all her skills as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Teacher and Psychic Medium, her passion and purpose is to help you to unfold all of your wonderful and creative talents.


Ensuring when you work with her you release any limiting beliefs, blocks and patterns, freeing yourself, so you can create your desired balanced, harmonious and happy life. Enabling you with the coping skills to life a confident life.


Christine is married to her wonderful husband and they have 5 beautiful children and 3 grandchildren whom they adore. She enjoys the simple things in life, family, friends, her passion for her work, nature, mediation, she is happiest when constantly learning and progressing.


She has worked with thousands of people and has been blessed with many clients and groups experiencing terrific results in therapy and has countless testimonials. Christine is a fully insured member of the ICHP and also a member of the Spiritualist National Union.


If you choose to share in any of Christine’s brilliant work, as a Therapist, Trainer or Teacher she will always use all of her skills to connect you with your most powerful self, guiding you to discover the limitless potential you have within to live a powerful balanced abundant life.