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Therapies - Mediumship

Christine is a natural, open and friendly lifelong Psychic Medium, she will immediately put you at ease.


She is currently taking bookings for individual private sittings in Cork.

These are a one-to-one consultation and will last approximately 45 minutes.

You will be allowed to record this and ask 1 or 2 questions at the end of the sitting.


Group bookings in your own home are also available for 4 people. 


Usually during a private sitting both the Mediumistic and Psychic level are used. However, depending on the needs of the individual sitter, sometimes a sitting may be wholly Mediumistic or wholly Psychic.


Each reading is a unique blend of energies, a 3 way chat with you and your loved ones in Spirit but with Christine the "Medium" in between.  There is no “One Medium Fits All” everyone has a different approach and blend with the world of Spirit which can be impacted by many factors, attitudes and beliefs.


Personal recommendation is a great way to locate a Medium, however always check in with your own instincts first. And ask your own Soul;


Is this the right time?


Is this the right Medium?


Follow your own guidance. 


Spiritualist Churches, Larger groups, Charity and Corporate events are also available. Please use the contact form for more information.


To find out about a Mediumship sitting, or to book Christine to travel to your area contact Christine here.



Readings - €90

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"A friend bought me a voucher for a spiritual reading with Christine 6 months after my husband passed away.  As a total skeptic I went along only to be blown away by the amazing accurate memories dates and info on family members she spoke!  She also channeled my Dad who passed 20 years ago and even his dog Spot who was there with him!  I came away feeling so happy and have sent many people her way as she really is a wonderful earth angel and so down to earth. Thank you Christine for all the wonderful messages of love and support."

Myra Kerry

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