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Therapies - Inner Child Retreat

This amazing retreat is for people interested in exploring their self-worth and self-care. During the course of the weekend you are invited to reclaim your self esteem through getting to know and love your inner child.


The part of us that carries all the negative messages is often called the Inner Child. Although there are many happy messages in their too, the negative ones are what limit us today. It is very helpful to get in touch with the Inner child that feels unloved and not good enough and so have some emotional healing.


Getting in touch with your inner child is more than a homecoming; it is a discovery of your essence, your deepest unique self.


The venue is luxury private or shared twin rooms with en-suite, set on a beautiful open panorama of the Beara peninsula.

Starts Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.



A few special days just for you, in a little corner of Heaven on Earth!



To find out about specific dates for your retreat, please contact Christine here.



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