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Workshops - Abundance Day

A full day of fun and excitement as Christine uses all her hypnotic, therapeutic and intuitive skills to clear out limiting beliefs and imprint in the subconscious empowering statement and suggestions.


Release those beliefs, blocks and programs that you never realised you had; clear them forever.


Recognise that blocks around abundance are seldom only about money.


Find out what affects, enhances and blocks Abundance; be it in Wealth, Health, Relationships, etc. Learn practical steps you can take to attract and manifest what you want. Then start on this powerful day lasting changes to empower your life forever

and of course, much more...



Full day from 10.30am -5.30pm, Lunch and refreshments included
To book, for furher information contact Christine.
This course is run in Cork, Ireland.



To find out when the next Abundance Day Workshop is on, or to book Christine to travel to your area contact Christine here.

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